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How to reach player?
PM: [personal profile] stringertheory or [personal profile] peeta_mellark
AIM: stringertheory

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: okay
Threadhopping with this character: ask first
Fourthwalling: sure
Canon puncture: if you did, he wouldn't understand what you mean
Offensive subjects: none off the top of my head, but if you're in doubt, discuss it with me

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: straight, most likely
Hugging this character: sure, so long as you're prepared for a hug back
Flirting with this character: go ahead; you might even have it reciprocated (but only in fun)
Giving this character a kiss: no
Something more intimate: definitely no
Relationships: he is fully and completely taken
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: heck no
Fighting with this character: possible, but discuss it with me first
Injuring this character: possible, but discuss it with me first
Killing this character: no
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: should be okay, but run it by me first


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The Player
Name/nickname: Kelly
Age: 28
Pronouns: female
Contact: [personal profile] stringertheory or [personal profile] peeta_mellark,, stringertheory on AIM
Experience: written fanfic for years, RP experience with bigapplesauce
Currently played characters: [personal profile] edgar_sawtelle

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] peeta_mellark
Name: Peeta Mellark
Alias: n/a
Age/Birthdate: 17 / unknown
Species: human
Canon: The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins
Canon point: During Catching Fire, at the time that Katniss destroys the arena force field, before the Capitol can collect him
Played By: Josh Hutcherson


Peeta is an effective speaker, able to translate his own emotions and thoughts into speech that is clear and affecting for the listener. He is also skilled at lying, when necessary, and at playing to people's emotions, though he only does either out of self-preservation or to protect others.

Peeta is quite strong from working in his family's bakery, hauling large sacks of flour. He is also adept at decorating cakes and pastries, which has translated into an aptitude for art, specifically painting. Those painting abilities extend to creating elaborate and highly effective camouflage using everything from artificial paints to natural materials.

The rift, feeling spunky, gives Peeta the gift of perfect camouflage. Peeta is able to go (almost) invisible. While he does not actually disappear, he does become, for all intents and purposes, completely see-through invisible. However, if he moves around too much, observant people might notice a strange, rippling distortion in the air. And though he is “invisible,” his mass still casts a shadow.

Peeta is of medium height and slightly stocky build, with ash blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He has various scars from his two times in the Hunger Games. He is generally attired in fairly basic, standard clothes – work pants and shirt, unless he's currently at the mercy of Capitol stylists.

Peeta is steadfast, selfless, and loyal, sometimes to a fault. He regularly and without prompting puts himself at risk to protect others (especially Katniss). When he cares about someone he'll do anything for them, up to sacrificing himself – even when they don't him to. He has a very strong moral center and is mentally strong, able to endure terrible experiences and – for a while, at least – extended torture and brainwashing. He is logical, able to quickly identify problems and create solutions.

Though he doesn't always express it outwardly, he feels things very deeply. He keeps his own counsel, and while he can be content left to his own company and thoughts, he gets along well with just about anyone and is accepting of others. He reads people extremely well and has high social intelligence; he knows how to play to an audience when it's called for. He can be very stubborn and determined, but is generally a gentle, kind person. He is practical and calculating, but still genuine and honest.

His main drive at this point in his story is his love for Katniss and his desire to keep her safe and make sure she gets out of the Games alive. Again. His own desires are pretty much ignored in favor of being whatever Katniss needs, though what she needs has started to align with what he wants, which is to be with her. There is a secondary desire to stick it to the Capitol, but that's something that he only thinks about when they're safely out of the Capitol's clutches.

Peeta is the son of a baker from the mining district, District 12, of Panem. As part of the townfolk, Peeta lived a slightly more comfortable and prosperous life than that of the mining families, such as that of Katniss Everdeen.

Peeta is the same age as Katniss, though they had only one interaction prior to becoming tributes for the 74th Hunger Games. When they were both eleven, Peeta intentionally burned a couple loaves of bread – and earned a blow from his mother for the same – so that he could toss them to Katniss, who had been foraging in the bakery bins. Katniss and her family were facing starvation following the death of her father and her mother's descent into catatonia, and the loaves helped them survive, providing both nourishment and hope. Though Peeta did not speak to Katniss, nor she to him, the incident would be a turning point in his life.

When Peeta is called to be a tribute with Katniss, her sense of being indebted to him for what he did (which was a turning point in her life) leads her to be more accepting of him than she might have been of another fellow tribute. Peeta professes his love for Katniss in the lead-up to the Games, setting them up as star-crossed lovers and – as he planned – making Katniss a Capitol favorite. He spends the beginning of the Games trying to protect Katniss by allying with a powerful group of tributes and leading them away from her as much as possible. After the group turns on him – and seriously wounds him – he hides using his camouflage skills. When the Game rules are changed so that two victors from the same District might be crowned, Katniss finds him and helps nurse him back to (relative) health. She also decides to play along with the star-crossed lovers bit, as it seems to be working in their advantage (and because her feelings aren't as indifferent as she had originally believed). Together they manage to win, but not before defying the Capitol by threatening to kill themselves rather than kill each other after the rule change is revoked.

Their actions in the Games saved their lives, but put them directly in the crosshairs of the Capitol president, Snow, both for their act of defiance and the sparks of discord and rebellion it started in the districts. They are forced to keep up the romance for the cameras, even going so far as to plan to marry. Peeta, whose feelings for Katniss are real and true, is torn between being happy about a future with her and being hurt at the uncertainty of Katniss's feelings and whether she is still just pretending. They do grow closer during their Victory Tour following the Games, but they inadvertently sow further discord by their actions in the first stop, District 11. They try to repair the damage to appease President Snow, but too late. Snow arranges it so that for the next Games, the pool of tributes is reduced to previous winners – which puts Peeta and Katniss right back in the Games.

Peeta and Katniss ally with other tributes from the beginning during these Games, a choice that helps them survive, but is also partially out of their hands. It turns out that at least half of the tributes – along with others in the Capitol, the districts, and the supposedly destroyed District 13 – are all in on a plan to get Katniss out of the Games and to 13, where she will serve as the rallying point for the rebellion. The group is successful at rescuing Katniss, but not Peeta, whom they believe the Capitol has captured.

And well it might have, had not something far stronger stepped in...

Writing Sample:
The heavy jungle air feels like water in his lungs as Peeta waits by the lightning tree. Finnick circles the small clearing under the tree's vast branches, his focus on the treeline and any approaching danger, but Peeta's eyes are glued to the gently twitching wire that is his only connection to Katniss. As much as he trusts their group, as much as he understands why Beetee split them up the way he did, Peeta doesn't like being away from Katniss, especially now. He has a bad feeling, a crawling under his skin that he can't shake.

The others don't notice when the wire gives a particularly violent shake; Beetee is working on the opposite side of the tree, and Finnick's circular route has taken him to that side as well. Peeta is already instinctively walking toward the wire when it loses tautness, sliding through the grass with a shushing sound as it retreats toward the tree.

Peeta grabs the wire and gives it a tug. There is no tension to the line, nothing to indicate that someone is holding the other end.

“Finnick,” he says, heart pounding so loudly in his ears he can't tell whether he shouts or whispers the name. Panic rising in him, he gives the wire a rough heave and feels it fly, weightless and untethered. “Finnick!”

Terror has sharpened the edges of the world, and his own yell cuts through him like an icy blade. He's already running, traversing the uneven, rocky slope in desperate leaps, when Finnick catches up to him.

“Veer that way!” Finnick calls, pointing to their left. “I'll search more on this side.”

Peeta doesn't have the breath do more than nod, but Finnick doesn't wait for a response before he pulls away, his longer stride quickly taking him farther down the slope and beyond Peeta's vision. Peeta angles more to his left, searching frantically for any sign of Katniss, or Johanna. He yells their names, but the sound doesn't seem to make it more than a few feet before being enveloped by the thick air.

All his worst nightmares begin to unfold, stretching out from the back of his mind to frolic in harsh daylight. Every noise sounds like the beginning of cannon fire. Over every ridge, behind every rock or tree he expects to find Katniss, bloody and broken and dead. Little moments flash through his mind: the way the light played across her face in the Justice Building dome, the mixture of terror and anger that had been in her eyes at the Reaping, opening his eyes after dying to see her face. He thinks about the way she has started to look at him.

He can hear the sound of water and knows he is getting close to the beach again when the clouds above the treetops start to darken and swirl. He stares up at them, shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun from the rest of the arena. Increasingly worried, he turns back up the slope, intending to head toward where he last saw Finnick. But even as he takes a step in that direction, lightning flashes from high up in the forest, and a bright shockwave blasts across the sky. The force of the blast makes the ground tremble beneath his feet and he stumbles slightly.

Peeta's first thought is that something has exploded, and he is partially right. Through a large gap in the trees, he can see that the sky above the lightning tree has split open, revealing what looks like girders and wiring. Then fireworks erupt across the entire dome, covering the arena in a frenetic light show that makes his head swim and throws odd patches of shadow and light that make his frantic scurrying over the rocks even more treacherous.

He thinks he's screaming Katniss's name, but the sound of the fireworks is so loud he can't hear anything else. Then, as abruptly as they started, the fireworks stop, and the arena fades into twilight. In the sudden silence, his call for Katniss seems to echo.

He can hear the hovercraft before he sees it, and his stomach drops. For a split second, options for hiding places speed through his mind, but the craft is over him before he can move. Uncertain whether he should run, whether he should attempt to keep looking for Katniss, whether there is still someone to look for, he stares up at the bright light on the bottom of the craft and blinks.


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